Providing simple  at home health and fitness solutions/education
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Home Fitness

Life can get busy, and focusing on your health can get lost in it all.  We are here to help! Gym-In-A-Box will provide you with personlized diet and fitness plans that fit into your busy schedule. Gym-In-A-Box provides you with all the tools to get fit and be healthy using at home fitness
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Healthy Lifestyle

Living a healthy lifestyle can be difficult. Without the proper knowledge on nutrition and someone to help guide you through training it almost seems impossible. With Gym-In-A-Box we will provide you with blogs, new health trends, and personalized updates based on your interests and health goals. You will have everything you need to jumpstart your healthy living!
I started using Gym-In-A-Box six months ago and it has completely change my life! I feel much happier and healthier!

Ronald Edmonds Gym-In-A-Box Subscriber

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Factoring in all the different supplements, fitness gear, personal training, and nutritional guidance being healthy can be costly. With Gym-In-A-Box you'll recieve all the equitment you need to reach your goals for a cost that is unbeatable.
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We understand that not everyone has the same body type and health goals, so we at Gym-In-A-Box will design a personalized fitness plan customized to your needs. You will reicieve supplements and workouts that work with your body, and if your schedule changes we adjust the fitness/nutrional plan in real-time to account for any missed workouts so you stay on track. 
Gym-In-A-Box has allowed me to spend more time doing the things I want to do, instead of spending those hours in the gym, researching the latest diet trends, or spending all my money on a personal trainer.

Becky Brewer Gym-In-A-Box Subscriber

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