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Use Boxing In Your Next Workout To Help Create Your Custom Fitness Plan

[fa icon="calendar"] Apr 10, 2017 12:48:32 AM / by Sean Chapman

Sean Chapman

Custom Fitness | Boxing GirlIncorporate boxing into your custom fitness routine. All across Hollywood from models to celebs boxing is becoming the go to workout for many and here's why: 

  • Boxing is a full body workout- you use your core and leg stength to throw your arms outward creating a motion that works all muscles from your head to toes. 
  • Boxing is a fun- when boxing you are technically doing cardio and stength trainign at the same time and it is much more fun and entertaining than running on a treadmill or doing squats.
  • Boxing reduces stress- packing a hard punch and throwing jabs in the air when boxing is a great way to exude all your negative stressful energy out of your body.

 While most of these celebs have personal trainers to box against all you really need is a few key moves  your arms will be lean in no time. Use this 20 minute boxing workout below and incorporate boxing moves into your home workout routine. 


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What do you think about this new fitness trend of incoprating boxing into at home fitness plan, and strong being the new thing in Hollywood?


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Sean Chapman

Written by Sean Chapman

Click Here for free fitness workouts you can do at work!

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